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Sikani horse trek is a project that was born and developed in the heart of the Sicani Mountains (Central-South-Western Sicily) to promote and enhance this part of the Island, still today guardian of an authentic and welcoming nature, of traditions and typicality handed down for generations.
The Regional Natural Park of the Sicani Mountains, officially established in 2010, is located in the area historically considered the oldest in Sicily, where the Sicilian People settled, even before the Hellenic colonization. Partners and reference points of our experiences are: Traina Agricultural Company, established at the end of the 19th century in the Sosio Valley, and the Eos Horse Riding, an equestrian centre born in 2001 in Palermo and affiliated to FISE and ANIRE. The horses participating in our treks have been bred and selected by Traina Company and subsequently sent to the riding school and to trekking by EOS. Our team consists of qualified instructors and guides, expert connoisseurs of the territory, local operators and actors, true professionals of hospitality and local customs. We prefer a “contained” tourism, which favours a genuine relationship with those who live in the places, actively participating in the moments of daily life.


  • Francesco
    Francesco Team leader

    Owner of Traina agricultural company, Fise rider and instructor and equestrian guide, he manages the Eos horse riding in Palermo. He has been promoting the Sican Mountains and organising excursions and educational activities for schools, families and children for a long time.

  • Silvia
    Silvia Guide and trainer

    A horse rider from an early age, she has been training over the years through a highly structured and diversified career path. As Fise instructor and horse trainer, she has been working with the company and Eos for about 15 years and manages horse training, riding school and trekking support.

  • (Italiano) Tanino
    (Italiano) Tanino Guide

    Horse man by definition. Experienced connoisseur of Sicily and the most diverse paths that cross it. He has always collaborated with the Traina farm and the Eos horse-riding and is a leading guide for the longest and most demanding treks.

  • Daniele
    Daniele Staff

    Eclectic artist, sculptor, illustrator, photographer. He carries out research on the relationship between man and nature, perceiving its changing forms as a source of inspiration for his life and work. With Sikani Horse trek, he collaborates with great passion and presence covering multi-faceted roles.

  • Anton Giulio
    Anton Giulio Staff

    Actor by profession and knight by passion. Lover of nature and all that is part of it. His experience combines art with the culture of the Sicilian territory and its traditions. Great support in welcoming our guests and in their care during their stays.

  • Francesca
    Francesca Staff

    Sican DOC, born and living in Palazzo Adriano, an expert in the culinary traditions of the Sican area and an important support for our experiences with local actors. Energetic, tireless and full of joy.

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