Prizzi – Corleone – Ficuzza

3 days in the saddle, 4 nights

Nature, culture, experiences.

This tour encompasses some of the most particular aspects of the Sicilian hinterland, connecting historical characters, cultural experiences and protected natural areas. We will immerse ourselves in the nature of the Sosio valley and the Ficuzza wood, where we will visit the Reale Casina di Caccia.. You will live the experience of a walking tour in the historic center of Corleone, today a symbol of the fight against the mafia phenomenon.
A journey full of history from the Spanish domination up to the unification of Italy.

Sikani Horse Trek Sicilia - tour excursion map - Ficuzza-Corleone

€ 800

Number of participants: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8
Duration: 3 days in the saddle, 4 nights
Spoken languages: Italian, French, English, German

English, trekking, western (only one on request)

Minimum age: 16+
Level: It is suitable for riders and amazons with experience in outdoor horse management and used to being in the saddle for several hours and days.
Type of accommodation: Farms, Agritourisms, Masserie

We recommend bringing your own cap, water bottle, fanny pack, cocoa butter and sunscreen for the Sicilian climate!
We will provide saddle cloth with pockets and the possibility of having a cap and whip (IF NECESSARY) for those who request it.

Clothing: Clothing suitable for the various climatic conditions of the different seasons is recommended. In layers in case of colder temperatures in the mountains or warmer in the coastal areas; to any windy and/or rainy days. We also recommend comfortable shoes for walking (e.g. trekking shoes, preferably waterproof) and socks suitable for the various seasons.
  • horse and harness
  • guide
  • logistical support for any eventuality
  • luggage transfer during the transfers of the structure
  • breakfast and dinner on the first and last day of the trek
  • 3 picnic lunches organized by our staff during the trek
  • visit to the Real Casina di Ficuzza
  • walking tours in Corleone
  • short internal transfers
  • overnight stay in single room
  • additional nights or days
  • any off-menu drinks or alcohol
  • personalized transfers (on request)
Additional Information:

For the tours, good experience in managing the horse outdoors at all three gaits is required and suitable and comfortable clothing is recommended for long periods in the saddle, suitable for possible seasonal temperature variations. For insurance coverage it is necessary to issue a health certificate.
All meals are based on local products, lunch usually in the form of a picnic organized by our staff and dinner in a farmhouse.


Prizzi – Corleone – Ficuzza
(3 days in the saddle, 4 nights)

Welcome and Presentation
Arrival at the Azienda Agricola Traina in Prizzi.
After a warm welcome, we settle down at the facility to prepare for the introduction of the staff and getting to know the horses.
Introduction to the tour, describing the week with details and the various deliveries.

Dinner and overnight.

Prizzi – Corleone (5 hours)

The first day we start with full strength, soon setting off towards the lake of Raja, passing through the various fields of local farmers. We skirt the lake, with a beautiful view of Cozzo Imbriaca and the Listi di San Felice, a very particular rock formation, which from a distance could almost look like the ruins of a castle.

Continuing we will go up inside a valley where we will stop for a picnic stop organized by our staff.

We will resume the trek passing through the village of Campofiorito until we reach the old railway line which will take us to the structure where we will stay tonight, an old farmhouse run by a couple of brothers who love horses, the countryside and cats.

Once the horses and the harness have been arranged, after a hot shower we move with a transfer to the historic center of Corleone where a walking tour will be organized, a particular experience that will tell us about the history and vicissitudes of a country today a symbol of the fight against the mafia phenomenon .

Dinner and overnight.

Corleone-Bosco di Ficuzza (5 hours)

After a hearty breakfast, taking the old railway line again, we will cross the outskirts of Corleone, passing in front of the old station, continuing among olive groves and citrus groves, skirting vineyards and pastures.

Picnic stop at an old farmhouse (former monastery) at the top of the hill. Once refreshed, we set off again towards the village of Ficuzza, arriving in the afternoon at a typical farmhouse in the area where we will dine and stay. Before, we move inside the village for a tour of the Reale Casina di Caccia, symbol of the Bourbon kingdom today a museum managed by the Sicilian Region.

Dinner and overnight.

Ficuzza-Prizzi forest (7 hours)

Breakfast and departure for the longest stage of the tour.

Heading towards the village of ficuzza we walk through the suggestive stretches inside the ancient wood, once the hunting reserve of King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, going up a path below Roccabusambra, the highest mountain of the Sicani Mountains (1650 m), up to cross wind hatch. From there we will begin a descent towards the south.

After a well-deserved lunch break in the shade of the large mulberry trees, we will resume our journey to arrive in the afternoon at the Trolling farm where our tour which lasted 3 very intense days will end.

Dinner and overnight.

Back home

The program may be subject to change
in relation to weather and safety conditions.


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Prizzi – Corleone – Ficuzza

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