Monte Indisi

3 hours

Very panoramic excursion with a circular route during which you can admire the vast landscape that embraces a large part of the northern slope of the Sicani Mountains. The Sosio valley, Raia lake, Rocca Busambra, Monte Colomba, Prizzi to the North, Monte Hippana, the Monte Carcaci Reserve, Monte Scuro, the Monte Cammarata Reserve, the Sambuca wood and Lake Leone to the North East, the Natural reserve of Monte Genoardo and the Monti di Palazzo Adriano to the west.
The promontory of Monte Indisi, historically a border point between the territory belonging to the Municipality of Prizzi and that of the Municipality of Palazzo Adriano, represents a mountainous reality rich in a very varied naturalistic presence, almost interlocking with the other mountains of limestone formation so as to form gorges and very particular geological designs.

Sikani Horse Trek Sicilia - tour excursion map - Monte Indisi

€ 80

Number of participants Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8
Duration 3 hours
Spoken languages Italian, French, English, German

English and trekking mounts

Available dates

From March to December

Minimum age 14+
Difficulty Medium

We recommend bringing your own cap, water bottle, fanny pack, cocoa butter and sunscreen for the Sicilian climate! We will provide saddle cloth with pockets and the possibility of having a cap and whip (IF NECESSARY) for those who request it.

Clothing Layered clothing suitable for mountain temperatures or the heat of coastal areas, on a windy and/or rainy day is strongly recommended: shoes (preferably waterproof) and socks are particularly important.
  • welcome in the company with tasting
  • horse with harness
  • guide
  • support staff
  • Cap
  • lunch
  • transfer shuttle service
  • individual excursion (on request)
Additional Information

Upon returning from the excursion, it is possible to organize a lunch and get to know the area through cultural, historical and naturalistic promotion activities.
In order to issue a riding licence, a health certificate is required attesting good health conditions.


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Monte Indisi

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