On horseback in Sicily

Horse riding excursions and tours in Sicily

Join us for a horse riding holiday in the heart of Sicily, in the Sicani Mountains. An enchanting experience that combines the passion for horses and nature with many other pleasant moments, all to be discovered!
This area of Sicily has a millenary history, ancient villages and suggestive places to explore, stories and tales to listen to and share with the locals, enjoying the delicacies of the typical Mediterranean cuisine.


Wine Route

7 days, 6 nights

Un viaggio tra storia e natura nella Sicilia più antica.

Sikani Horse Trek Sicilia - Ficuzza - Real Casina di Caccia

Rotta Sicana

8 days, 7 nights

A journey through history and nature in the oldest Sicily.

Sikani Horse Trek Sicilia - tour excursion map - rotta sicana - Ficuzza, Corleone, Sciacca, Burgio, Eraclea Mino
Daily Excursions
Sikani Horse Trek - Sicilia - Monte Scuro

Monte scuro

Full day

A day in teh Sicani muntains and lunch break at source of the Sosio river

Sikani Horse Trek Sicilia - tour excursion map - Monte Scuro

Lago Raia

3 hours

The beauty of the landscape to fun and exciting gallops on soft and easy terrain.

Sikani Horse Trek Sicilia - tour excursion map - Lago-Raia

Monte Indisi

3 hours

Panoramic excursion on the Sosio valley

Sikani Horse Trek Sicilia - tour excursion map - Monte Indisi

Horse and culture

Hosted by a family on a farm located in the middle of the Sosio Valley, in the heart of Sicani Mountains Nature Reserve.

Excursions in contact with the history and traditions of the oldest Sicily will allow you to visit the heart of the area, tasting some of the local and seasonal products.

The ideal place for horseback riding along natural springs and streams where you can find peace and harmony through contact with uncontaminated nature.

Sikani Horse Trek Sicilia - Rtreat Yoga

Sicily, Yoga and Nature

We spend our stay between the well-being of body and mind through the practice of yoga and wonderful horseback riding immersed in an exclusive and isolated context.

Yoga retreat and horseback riding

What better combination?
The union of 2 experiences that complement each other!

Cooking class

Our retreats also include:
Cooking classes, guided tours of ancient villages and suggestive locations, enjoying Sicilian culinary specialties every day.

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